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Winter Solstice Candle Ceremony

Winter Solstice Candle Ceremony

Winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, occurs this Saturday June 22nd.

The winter solstice marks a turning point in the seasons, a turning away from the darkness of winter, slowly towards the light of spring. For this reason, winter solstice is celebrated as it heralds the rebirth of the sun.

From the ancient Egyptians to the native American Hopi tribe, for centuries many cultures have looked to the winter solstice as a powerful time of ritual, reflection and spiritual renewal. Mid-winter provides a quiet time to be mindful and reflect on the past, and set goals and intentions for the coming months. Essentially as the sun is re-born, so too can our spirit renew through the personal awakening that winter solstice offers.

Winter solstice candle ceremony

Winter solstice ceremony - ISHKA

Winter solstice candle ceremony


Winter solstice candlelit ceremony

If you’re looking to tune into the magical energy of winter solstice, try this simple candlelight ceremony.

Arrange your candles around your room. Before you begin to light them, turn any lights off and spend a moment in darkness. Take this time to appreciate and honour the light.

When you’re ready to begin, light the main candle you wish to use. Before lighting any of the candles you have laid out, give a meaning to each candle. These can include:

  • A candle for your loved ones and those you are grateful for  
  • A candle for the lessons you have learned
  • A candle for positive qualities you wish to attract - choose what speaks to you!
  • A candle for your dreams and goals

When all of your candles are lit, take the time to appreciate the positive energy you have created in this space. Enhance the magic of the occasion by lighting your favourite incense or essential oils also.

Winter solstice candle ceremony blog - ISHKA

Winter solstice candle ceremony blog - ISHKA

Winter solstice candle ceremony - ISHKA


Now, harness this wonderful energy and take it with you into the light of the coming days and months. Wishing you all a beautiful winter solstice! x

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