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The Meaning of Moonstone

The Meaning of Moonstone

Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the moon, marvelling at its magical presence?

The moon is a most vital and powerful force. As it pushes and pulls the ocean tides, so too does the moon affect the ever-changing waves of our emotions. 

One way to harness the moon’s energy and ensure you flow with the lunar rhythms, rather than against them, is with moonstone.

Moonstone has a fascinating history steeped in ancient philosophies. According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is formed from solidified moonbeams. One look at this mesmerising gemstone and it’s not hard to see why; its luminous milky-white surface and soft blue shimmer that reflects as it moves (an optical phenomenon known as ‘adularescence’) is a visual effect reminiscent of the full moon shining through misty clouds in the night sky.  

As you’ll see, moonstone is a mysterious, alluring gemstone with a wealth of powers to uplift your emotions, sense of self, relationships and experience of the world.

Below are 3 reasons why we love moonstone jewellery, and why you should too!

ISHKA Moonstone jewellery range

 1. The ‘destiny maker’

Known as the ‘destiny maker,’ moonstone can enhance your inner vision. A powerful stone of reflection, moonstone helps you to look within and observe your thoughts and actions, ultimately promoting self improvement and spiritual growth. As a stone that promotes success and abundance in love and career, moonstone can help you achieve your dreams by clearing your path of mental or emotional obstacles, setting the stage for new and fulfilling beginnings.

ISHKA Moonstone jewellery range

ISHKA Moonstone jewellery range

ISHKA Moonstone silver pendant

2. Emotional balance

Moonstone has been used since ancient times for attuning to the ebb and flow of the moon’s energy. Experiencing instability in life? Moonstone offers emotional stability by symbolising the enchanting moon in the night sky, with its unwavering cycle of darkness giving way to light. Through this recognition of life’s natural, ever-fluctuating phases, moonstone helps you to go with the flow and release the frustration of trying phases we experience.

ISHKA Moonstone jewellery pendant and moonstone rings

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ISHKA Moonstone pendant and moonstone jewellery

3. Awakens feminine power

Regarded as one of the most powerful gemstones to bring you in touch with your inner goddess, moonstone awakens sacred feminine power by nurturing compassion, intuition and empathy. As moonstone harnesses the moon’s powerful feminine energy, it serves as a reminder of the power you have within you to unlock your potential, and shine bright with unlimited possibilities.

Explore our stunning moonstone jewellery collection and discover the benefits of this ancient stone in your life ❤️

ISHKA Moonstone jewellery range

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