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The Ancient Practice of Burning Sage

The Ancient Practice of Burning Sage

Did you know that burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of spiritual cleansing in the world?

With the arrival of a special range of sage smudge sticks by Prabhuji’s Gifts, we thought we'd take a look into the history of smudging and learn the simple methods of burning sage to spiritually cleanse your environment.

Palo santo Sage smudge sticks

Sage smudge sticks 

Sage smudge sticks 

History of burning sage smudge sticks

Although smudging is relatively new to the Western world, the spiritual practice of burning sage is in fact an ancient tradition.

Smoke has been regarded as deeply cleansing and spiritually powerful to many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. In addition to warding off insects and disease, shamans commonly burned sacred plants and used their smoke to ascend their intentions to the heavens; a way to connect the material and spiritual worlds.

Calling upon the spirits of sacred plants through a burning ceremony was also believed to dissipate negative energies and bring balance to a person, group or space.

The most recognised form of smudging is Native American sage burning, whose Palo Santo ‘sacred wood’ burning ceremonies are still practised in the present day.

Sage smudge sticks 

How to burn sage smudge sticks 

Purification through sage burning is a simple practice that can be done at home, in these simple steps: 

  • First, ensure your intention for the sage burning is clear and in the forefront of your mind.
  • Place the bundled sage into a clay or heat-proof pot. Light it for a few seconds before extinguishing the flame and letting the smoke release.
  • Taking care not to breathe in the smoke directly, slowly walk around the areas you wish to cleanse. You may want to focus on gateway areas, such as hallways, windows or doors, or busy areas such as a kitchen or office.  
  • After your saging session, burn your preferred incense. This step isn't essential, but the feminine element of incense nicely compliments the masculine element of sage, creating a harmonious aura.

Burning sage in your home on a weekly basis is an excellent way to cleanse old energies and usher in the new. Over time this will bring an overall calming energy to your space.

Palo santo incense cones

Sage smudge sticks 

Sage smudge sticks 

New sage smudge sticks - Prabhuji’s Gifts

If you’re looking to purify your home through sage burning,  we highly recommend our all-new, 100% natural and sustainable range of sage smudge herbs handmade by Prabhuji’s Gifts.

A New York-based company run by yogis and members of the Prabhuji Ashram, Prabhuji’s Gifts is a socially-conscious brand that gives generously to charities and humanitarian projects, such as food rescue programs and helps to employ marginalized women in rural Indian villages.

Prabhuji’s Gifts sage smudge sticks are grown in the wild, hand-harvested, dried naturally and wrapped in 100% cotton thread in the traditional Native American method.

You can find Prabhuji’s Gifts sage smudge sticks in-store or online at ISHKA today.

Palo santo Sage smudge sticks


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