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New Beginnings: The Lotus Flower Symbol

New Beginnings: The Lotus Flower Symbol

The dawn of not only a new year, but a whole new decade, brings with it a time of reflection. A time where we acknowledge the things we're grateful for, the things we could have done better, and the things we'd like to change as we journey ahead on life's path.

Ultimately, the new year is a time of new beginnings. For this reason, the beautiful lotus flower holds such poignant symbolism as we look to 2020 and beyond.  

ISHKA lotus flower symbol blog  

The Meaning of the Lotus Flower

Rebirth   -   Enlightenment   -   Purity

Likely the most spiritual flower on Earth, the history and meaning of the lotus flower dates back thousands of years. 

An important symbol in many different cultures, particularly Buddhism, the lotus flower is revered as a symbol of rebirth, purity, self-regeneration and spiritual enlightenment.

ISHKA lotus flower symbol blog

ISHKA lotus flower symbol blog

But what is it about the beautiful and alluring lotus flower that captivates so many of us?

While its vibrant bloom certainly draws the eye, its ability to grow and flourish from within a mirky, dirty environment, has become a powerful life analogy for millions of people around the world.

Each day, the lotus flower rises elegantly, almost defiantly from the mud, opening its petals to the sky to reveal itself in all of its colourful splendour.

What is the lesson here for us? That unpleasant situations in life can always be overcome. That from the darkness, we have the power to rise and thrive, stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

ISHKA lotus flower symbol blog

ISHKA lotus flower symbol blog

According to Buddhism, we each have the potential to achieve enlightenment. To help us get there, Buddhists believe it is necessary to be reborn many times. With each incarnation, one becomes more spiritually pure until they reach nirvana  – the highest state of consciousness.

This is why Buddha is often depicted sitting atop a Lotus flower, symbolising an overcoming of the material world to reach enlightenment. 

Does the meaning of the lotus flower resonate with you? Explore our online collection of lotus flower treasures to enhance your life into the new year and beyond.

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