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Most-Loved: 7 Unique Valentine's Gift Ideas

Most-Loved: 7 Unique Valentine's Gift Ideas

Ahhh, the season of love is almost here!

It probably goes without saying, but here at ISHKA we're all about love, gratitude and spreading good vibes. So when it comes to Valentine's gift ideas, we’re big believers in heart-centred action, connecting people to their desires, and creating experiences that appeal to all of the senses.

“Do it with passion or not all” is a daily mantra we live by, but especially resonates at times of gift-giving. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but putting a little extra thought into your Valentine’s gifts can go a long way to making your favourite person feel truly loved.

So if you’re looking for an inspired Valentine’s gift to show how much you care, check out our list of unique Valentine’s gift ideas below.

ISHKA harmony balls - unique Valentine's gifts


1. Gemstone bracelets & necklaces

Is your special someone a believer in the power of crystal healing? From amethyst to aventurine, turquoise to tiger eye, our gemstone jewellery range features every stone under the sun. Make it a set with a bracelet and matching tumbled gemstone necklace!


ISHKA gemstone bracelets - unique Valentine's gifts


2. Harmony ball pendants

Give an inspired Valentine’s gift that soothes and shines! Harmony balls have a calming effect on the mind and body by emitting a delicate chime when swayed or touched. Choose from a wide range of designs crafted lovingly from sterling silver.


ISHKA Harmony ball pendants - unique Valentine's gifts


3. Jewellery boxes

Does your special someone need a special place to store their treasures? Whether handpainted or handcarved, ethnic or eclectic, ISHKA stocks a wide range of jewellery boxes to keep anything from jewellery to gemstones, tea to trinkets.


ISHKA jewellery boxes - unique Valentine's gifts

4. Essential oils

A gift from nature to harmonise the mind, body and spirit...could there be any better Valentine’s gift? Explore our essential oils collection of fragrant, uplifting blends that offer a natural path to everyday wellness. Make it a set with our range of oil burners!

ISHKA essential oils - - unique Valentine's gifts


5. Palo Santo incense

Used by shamans for thousands of years, Palo Santo (“holy wood” in Spanish) is an aromatic wood used to attract positive and creativity energies, as well as promote mental clarity. A unique Valentine’s gift to aid their spiritual and meditative practice.


ISHKA Palo Santo incense - unique Valentine's gifts


6. Tribe candle & diffuser range

Transport your loved one to an exotic ambience with our all-new Tribe range. Housed in geometric-patterned ceramic holdersTribe candles and diffusers feature original, floral scents that are perfect for setting the right vibe. Available online and in selected stores.


ISHKA Tribe candles and diffusers - unique Valentine's gifts


7. Spinning rings

Tibetan Buddhists have long believed the act of spinning releases negative energy and produces a calming effect on the mind and body. Select from a decorative range of spinning ring designs to help your bestie or loved one spin their worries away.


ISHKA sterling silver spinning rings - unique Valentine's gifts


We hope you love our Valentine's gift ideas as much as we do! For more inspiration, explore our online collection ❤️

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