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Kuchi Jewellery: Ancient meets Urban

Kuchi Jewellery: Ancient meets Urban

With a history dating back 3000 years, Kuchi jewellery is a traditional ethnic style of jewellery associated with the Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan.

Also known as Pashtun or Pakhtoon people, Kuchi tribespeople are nomadic gypsies from the mountainous regions of southern and eastern Afghanistan, and more recently Pakistan. For centuries, the Kuchi tribe travelled freely across the borders of the Middle East and Central Asia, and were once the most prolific group of merchants who travelled the old trade routes of the region.

The rich and fascinating history of this ancient tribe is reflected through exotic Afghan jewellery pieces that radiate tribal energy, exuberant colour and creative artistry.

Traditionally worn to adorn the body for momentous occasions including weddings, childbirth and tribal celebrations, Kuchi jewellery features elaborate antique jewellery designs including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings handmade from beautiful old coins, tassels and beads.

A glamourous homage to the Afghan Kuchi nomads, this mesmerising collection carries the spirit of an ancient gypsy tribe through to the present day.

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Images by Ribbons and Paper Photography for ISHKA.

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