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Ancient Inspirations: Indian Jewellery

Ancient Inspirations: Indian Jewellery

In India, the desire to beautify oneself with precious ornaments traces back 5000 years to the Indus Valley. Worn traditionally as a symbol of wealth and beauty, Indian jewellery designs reflect magnificent artistry and old-world glamour.

One of the earliest styles of Indian jewellery is known as ‘temple’ jewellery, and was originally used to adorn the idols of gods and goddesses. Temple jewellery is also closely tied to Bharatanatyam, a dance practice originating in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, where traditional dancers are adorned in exquisite jewellery pieces to heighten their sense of beauty and mystique.

Inspired by ancient temple jewellery designs, our ISHKA Indian jewellery collection is handmade by a family-run group of skilled local craftsmen in the village of Pushkar, Rajasthan.


Featured in this range are gorgeous pieces emblazoned with images of Ganesh (also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka) as well as the highly revered peacock. Perhaps the best known and loved Hindu deity, Ganesh is believed to bring prosperity, fortune and success, while the peacock is regarded as a symbol of love, beauty and grace and is the national bird of India.

A mesmerising combination of jhumka-inspired designs, elaborate floral motifs and intricate etched detailing, this gorgeous Indian silver jewellery collection evokes the divine aura of its ancient roots, and a longing for the exotic lands of the East.

Explore these stunning pieces and more in our Indian jewellery collection 💖

Images by Ribbons and Paper Photography for ISHKA.

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