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The ISHKA Mother's Day Gifting Guide

The ISHKA Mother's Day Gifting Guide

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 13th, it’s well and truly the season to celebrate our unique and colourful community of ISHKA-loving Mums, grandmothers, and mums-to-be.

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, so make it count with a unique gift from our ISHKA Mother’s Day Gifting Guide. From happy hippie spirits to gypsy goddesses and the mystical-minded, ISHKA has the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of Mum.

But before we delve into our favourite picks from our global collection of Mother’s Day gifts, we thought we’d take a short look at the interesting history of Mother’s Day, and where the back-story for this well-deserved tradition began.

mothers day gifting guide

Mother’s Day: A short history

Held each year on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day was borne out of calls for peace during anti-war campaigns following the American Civil War in 1861-65. An American women's rights activist, Julia Ward Howe, proposed an annual ‘mother's day’ could help bring peace and unity throughout the world.

However, it was actually an Australian who started the tradition of giving Mother’s Day gifts. Janet Heyden, a Sydney resident, ran a campaign in 1924 to collect gifts for lonely, forgotten aged mothers residing in nursing homes. The idea caught on, and over the years Mother’s Day has become a special occasion to unite families and celebrate Mum’s across the world.

ISHKA Mother’s Day Gifting Guide

Whether the Mum you’re shopping for is into colour, spirituality or culture, explore some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts below and find a thoughtful pressie that captures her unique style and spirit! 


The Spiritual Mama

Spiritual gifts

A seeker of love and light, the Spiritual Mama embraces principles of good karma and the mystical world. She keeps her body and spirit aligned through harmonising practices such as yoga or crystal healing, and her home could be described as a ‘zen den’, a cosy space surrounded by colour, crystals and spiritual symbols.

See our favourite Mother’s Day gifts for spiritual Mums below: 

Buddha Statues

Gift Mum a zen vibe for her home with a unique Buddha statue or candle holder. Handcrafted in a range of artistic designs and symbolic spiritual poses, our collection of Buddha statues will enlighten any home or garden environment. We think they’re the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any Mum wishing to express her spiritual side!

Buddha statue

Buddha incense holder

Mandala Homewares

Mandalas have been used for thousands of years in meditative and spiritual practices to reveal inner truths about our existence and the world around us. From cushions to ottomans, pendants to bedspreads, discover a stunning range of mandala-inspired Mother’s Day gifts to harmonise her home and spirit.

Mandala cushion

Gemstone Jewellery

Why not shower Mum with gems this Mother’s Day? Whether Mum’s favourite stone is turquoise, amethyst, tiger eye or rose quartz, the ISHKA gemstone jewellery range glistens with every crystal you can think of. Featuring designs inspired by nature, culture and the cosmos, discover a gemstone bracelet, necklace, pendant or ring that’s sure to be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Gemstone jewellery - ISHKA Mother's Day gifts

Gemstone jewellery - braceletsGemstone jewellery range


The Colour Queen

ISHKA colourful gifts

The Colour Queen is the kind of Mum who believes the brighter, the better! Everything in her world, from furnishings and fashion to decor and daily essentials, reflects her happy hippie spirit.  In the eyes of the Colour Queen, life is always coming up rainbows.

Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas for colour-loving Mums:

Beaded Lamps

Dazzle Mum with our spectacular range of beaded table lamps! Featuring colourful beaded lamp shades and ornate brass frames, these unique table lamps reveal their true magic at night. The perfect Mother’s Day gift to transform her home into a gypsy-inspired retreat!

Beaded LampBeaded Lamps


Light up mum’s world with the sweet smell of inspiration! Ideal for relaxation, motivation or meditation, the ISHKA candle collection features a wide selection of spirited designs, vibrant colours and blissful fragrances to indulge Mum this Mother’s Day.


Candle rangeCandle collection

Ceramic Drawers

Colour Queen Mums are sure to love our handpainted ceramic drawers! The perfect artisanal piece for keeping jewellery, pot pourri, trinkets or tea, these handcrafted drawers come in a range of sizes and handpainted designs. A delightful Mother’s Day gift she can proudly display in any room of her home.

Ceramic Drawers

Ceramic Handpainted DrawersHandpainted ceramic drawers


The Worldly Mum 

Cultural gifts

A restless gypsy soul, when the Worldly Mum isn’t travelling, she’s dreaming up her next adventure. The Worldly Mum is endlessly fascinated by other cultures and surrounds herself with travel mementos and trinkets that remind her of faraway places. Her home is a haven of global wares and collectibles with many a story to tell.

Explore our top 3 Mother’s Day gifts for travel-mad Mums!

Suti Collection

One of our most popular ranges, the Suti collection features cushions, ottomans and elaborate wall-hangings handmade from recycled saris in India. This hand-embroidered range weaves together everything that is mesmerising about the land beyond the Indus; brilliant colours, interesting textures, exotic artistry and superb craftsmanship. A Mother’s Day gift that will transform her space!

Suti sari cushion - the perfect gift for your mother

Suti gaddi cushionSuti homewares collection

Henna Handpainted Collection

The Indian tradition of henna, known as Mehndi in Sanskrit, is famous for its intricacy and beauty. From jewellery boxes to frames, candle holders to coat hooks, ISHKA stocks a wide range of henna-inspired homewares that celebrate traditional Indian artistry. Discover a memorable Mother’s Day gift that will take her to India every time.

Henna handpainted boxesHenna handpainted boxes

Putumayo Music

Does Mum love the sounds as well as the sights of the world? Get her global groove on with the perfect Mother’s Day gift! The ISHKA range of Putamayo CD’s feature meditative, festive and contemporary music from cultures across the world.  From Afro-caribbean to Latin, reggae to jazz, there’s a compilation to suit the musical tastes of any worldly Mum!

Putumayo world musicWorld music range

We hope our Mother’s Day gifting guide has inspired you.
Explore the full ISHKA collection and 
find the perfect Mother’s Day gift

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