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This hand-embroidered range weaves together everything that is mesmerising about the land beyond the Indus; brilliant arrays of colour, interesting textures, traditional artistry and superb hand craftsmanship.

Several vaults lay hidden around Rajasthan brimming with piles of recycled saris and ethnic wear collected from all across India. These piles of clothing are sorted into colours and patterns, then cut down into various shapes and motifs.

The cloth shapes are then pasted onto a fabric backing in a patchwork design, with pieces chosen as the artist sees fit. Threads are chosen to match the colours of the patchwork design, while a vast array of decorative embellishments are added to enrich each piece including beads, shells and sequins.

As our Suti collection is handmade from old recycled saris, minor imperfections may be found but only serve to enhance the vintage presence and authenticity of each piece.

Our Suti homewares are one of our most prized collections – explore the range for yourself today and add a piece of India to your home


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Suti Homewares | Collection
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