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Spinning rings (also known as worry rings or meditation rings), are banded rings where one, or more, bands sit loose around ring and can be spun while the rest of the ring stays in one place on your finger. The spinning ring is believed to come from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions, and is referred to as a "worry ring" because spinning the right is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Spinning rings are designed to be fiddled with. They're a healthy, less obvious way to move your hands when you feel that you need to be fidgeting. They can be worn to help the user with biting/picking finger nails, fiddling with necklaces or simply ease the mind, and help to soothe stress and keep you in the moment. Spin the center ring with your fingers and take deep breaths to experience a calm, more meditative state.

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  • Dotted Hearts Silver Spinning Ring
    Dotted Hearts Silver Spinning Ring - Ishka Dotted Hearts Silver Spinning Ring - Ishka
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