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Fitzroy Closing Down Sale: Dehan’s Top 5 Picks

Fitzroy Closing Down Sale: Dehan’s Top 5 Picks

As we say farewell to one side of our iconic Fitzroy warehouse with a massive closing down sale, we thought we’d have a chat with ISHKA darling and always-smiling Store Manager Dehan, to gain some insider info on his most-loved products from our world-inspired collection.

1. Salt Lamps

“Salt lamps are one of our most popular products here at ISHKA and I can certainly see why! A salt lamp is the perfect decor accompaniment to set a warm, inviting ambiance in the home that is wonderful for reading or relaxation. Not only do salt lamps intrigue one’s curiosity with how beautiful they look, they are also said to benefit one’s wellbeing.”

2. Moroccan Ottomans  

“Our Moroccan Ottomans are simply divine. This collection has come all the way from the leather works of Marrakech – each piece is handmade and features stunning hand-embroidery using silk thread. Age-old methods for curing and tanning leather have been used in their production and you can really feel the quality.

For me personally, I just love the exotic, chic look of Moroccan-designed and inspired furnishings…I am dreaming of the day I visit Morocco!”

3. Handpainted Furniture

“For those like myself who find fascination in colour and culture, our collection of handpainted furniture is not to be missed. Each piece is handcrafted in India and really captures the vibrant heart of the country through rich colour palettes and traditional artwork.

From bedside tables to TV cabinets and candle holders, it’s easy to mix and match as well as being a wonderful way to add a colourful story to your space.”

4. Tribal Shawls

“These beautiful tribal-inspired shawls are my go-to during lazy winters! They offer an easy wardrobe change with the least amount of effort, but still look amazing. What more could you want? I love their soft, cosy textures too – we have a huge range of prints and colours to suit every taste.”

5. Day Beds

“Everytime I see these day beds I just instantly think ‘oasis’. What really gives them their enchanting quality is the traditional hand carvings and intricate detail found on each piece. They are also handcrafted in Indonesia from recycled teak wood, which is a big plus for eco-conscious shoppers. If you were lucky enough to own one of these you would always feel like you’re on holiday in some faraway, exotic destination. Isn’t that the dream!”

If you’re part of our gorgeous Melbourne or Victoria tribe, come along and check out our huge closing down sale at ISHKA Fitzroy, 300-302 Nicholson St, Fitzroy. For more info, check out our facebook page!

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