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Clayton Superstore: Katie’s Favourite Finds

Clayton Superstore: Katie’s Favourite Finds

The last few months have been an exciting whirlwind at ISHKA HQ. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes to bring you the biggest ISHKA store in the world!

With our huge grand opening coming up on the 22nd April, we thought we’d have a chat with our resident ISHKA guru (aka Store Manager) Katie, to get the low-down on her favourite finds in our new ISHKA Clayton Superstore.

A lover of all things ISHKA, Katie’s home is literally brimming with irresistible ISHKA wares she has fondly collected over the years – so much so, we think she could give the new showroom we’re about to explore a run for its money!

Kaftans & Kimonos

“One of my favourite products are our kaftans from India. They’re all one-offs and all pure silk. They’re gorgeous, really bright, just a beautiful product. They suit everybody. I’ve got about 50 of them, seriously!” (We think that’s a joke, but knowing Katie we’re not so sure!)

Cushions & Ottomans

“Many of our cushion designs are handmade and stitched together from old recycled saris. Unbelievable! They’re all different and unique. I’ve actually had to say to myself ‘no more cushions’ because I have them on my bed, on my couch, everywhere. It feels like it takes me half an hour to make my bed everyday. But it’s worth it because it looks so nice!”

“I also love our range of ottomans. They’re gorgeous, really bright, all good quality and hand embroidered in India. The designs are based on mandalas and inspired by traditional Indian culture. The colours range from fluros to neutrals and black and white, for those that aren’t into colour as much.”

Brass Elephant Cabinet 

“These pieces are really really special. It’s all handbeaten brass work, these are just unbelieveable. Have a look at the quality of the door – everything’s really heavy, solid timber. People just love these gorgeous cabinets, and they’re often times very careful to check that the elephant trunk is depicted facing up in the artwork, as this is said to bring good luck.”

Kuchi Jewellery

“I love the look of this jewellery range. It has a real tribal look about it, a very strong gypsy spirit. It has this kind of look that characterises much of the collection here at ISHKA – what it lacks in perfection it makes up for in character. You can tell it’s handmade, and it looks like it has a story behind it.”

Truck Bars

“How great are these Truck Bars! The actual truck company is Tata, which is the oldest truck company in India. Our supplier is a French man based in India who cuts the truck parts down and transforms them into bars. They come in different colours and are so creative. They’ve even been used in a couple of restaurants!”

Quote Candles

“These candles just fill your home with this beautiful, beautiful smell. I love them because they are soy candles and also come with a wooden wick. These are so nice for giving because of the little affirmations on them, you just choose the right affirmation for the right person.”

“This is my favourite candle, I feel it’s my excuse in life – ‘Blame it on my gypsy soul.’  The fragrance is Fresh Cotton, it’s divinnnnne.”

Boatwood Furniture

“This range is from Indonesia and is all made from recycled timber. They actually recycle old fishing boats. Years ago they used to burn this wood and use it for cooking fuel. But it became more profitable for them to make furniture from it.  The range features many unique pieces including dining tables, bars, shelves, benches and chairs. It’s rustic, imperfect and colourful, and is yet another range with a great story behind it.”

The grand opening of our ISHKA Clayton Superstore is on 22nd April. For more information on our exciting celebrations check out our facebook event. We hope to see you there! 

And if you can’t wait to explore our collection in person, pop over to our online store and see what unique finds are waiting to be discovered! 💖

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