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Top 5 gemstones to give for Christmas

Top 5 gemstones to give for Christmas

Each year Christmas time brings a magical aura full of love, happiness, togetherness and goodwill. But how amazing would it be to keep those feel-good energies flowing the whole year through?

In addition to living each day with compassion and kindness, a powerful way of maintaining a positive energy field is through crystal healing.

With so many crystals out there to choose from, we decided to do some digging to unearth the 5 best gemstones to give this Christmas and keep spirits high no matter the season!

Quartz Crystal

Known as the “stone of power”, quartz is the most powerful multi-purpose healing stone. Quartz is an excellent healing crystal due to its ability to absorb and transmit energies and promote a natural harmony within the mind and body.

A stone with a high vibration, quartz resonates with the higher chakras to strengthen spiritual connections and promote clarity of thought. Ultimately, these positive effects within the mental plane drive creativity and inspiration, and assist with learning and concentration.


Regarded as the luckiest of all crystals, aventurine attracts prosperity and wealth. The power of aventurine lies in its ability to release negative patterns of behaviour and usher in positive change and growth, ultimately enhancing creativity, motivation and leadership skills.

Aventurine has a strong association with the heart chakra and is used to maintain a healthy level of general wellbeing. Green aventurine promotes a harmonious balance between the emotional, intellectual and physical realms.

Tiger Eye

Like the fearless tiger, tiger eye generates strength and courage to fight off negative forces and bring a calm, harmonious state of being to the mind and body.  Those who wear the tiger eye stone are believed to create opportunities through patience, focus and determination.

Tiger eye enhances perception and inner vision, offering better understanding and judgement of circumstances through a clearer ‘big-picture’ vision.  Tiger eye promotes an optimistic attitude and can be worn as a talisman of luck.


Lapis Lazuli

Enhanced intuition and total psychic awareness are central powers of the Lapis stone.  An excellent manifestation and meditation stone, Lapis strengthens the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.  Lapis can quiet a restless mind and assist in overcoming feelings of depression.

Used for promoting communication and openness, Lapis ultimately strengthens emotional ties and brings harmony to relationships.  Lapis is also regarded as a stone of wisdom, releasing energies that activate the higher mind and drive a desire for truth and understanding.  


Known also as ‘sunstone’, goldstone is best known for its ability to cleanse and revitalise all chakras.  Goldstone is often worn as a protective talisman due to its power to deflect negative energies, while also maintaining a calm and tranquil state within the aura and emotional realm.

Believed to be a stone of aspiration and ambition, goldstone increases levels of motivation, confidence and courage. These combined powerful attributes give rise to a transformative can-do attitude and positive outlook on life.

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Images by Ribbons & Paper Photography for ISHKA.


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