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Top 4 Gemstones & their Meanings

Top 4 Gemstones & their Meanings
Since ancient times, gemstones have been revered as powerful symbols with mystical meanings and properties.
Being the crystal worshippers that we are, we decided to take a closer look at the spiritual meanings and benefits behind four of our most popular gemstones. If you're interested in gemstones but aren't quite sure which is right for you, we hope this short guide will point you in the right direction!
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A sacred stone of fortune, protection and expression, Turquoise is the birthstone of December.

Turquoise is a sacred stone of power, fortune and protection. Used for warding off negative energies, turquoise promotes a calm, centred spirit and is worn for its healing qualities. Turquoise assists in balancing the fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra, the realm of higher communication and authentic expression. Turquoise also resonates with the sixth chakra or 'third eye chakra' by strengthening our intuitive powers.



A powerful stone of courage, intuition and creativity, Amethyst is the birthstone of February.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that promotes balance, patience, and peace. Known as the 'stone of sobriety' amethyst was used in the ancient world to recover from physical and emotional addictions. Amethyst activates the third eye chakra by connecting the physical plane to the higher realm, and resonates strongly with the crown chakra by enhancing spiritual awareness and wisdom.



A magical stone of transformation, fortune and destiny, Labradorite is the birthstone of February and March.

Considered by mystics to be a stone of transformation and magic, Labradorite bears gifts of serendipity and synchronicity, therefore attracting good fortune and success. Labradorite is a powerful stone that wards off negative forces and promotes a clearer understanding of your life's purpose and destiny.



A stone of inspiration, manifestation and willpower, Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November.

Citrine is said to be a positive stone with strong beneficial vibrations. By carrying the energy of the sun, citrine vitalises the mind and body while stimulating all the chakras. As citrine can neutralise all types of negative energy, it is an influential stone that promotes happiness and optimism. Citrine assists in achieving goals and is a powerful attractor of wealth and abundance.




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