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5 Divine Oil Blends for Summer

5 Divine Oil Blends for Summer

Summer is here so it’s the perfect time to surround ourselves with the light, revitalising and relaxing fragrances found in essential oils.

The power of scent is pretty amazing. It has this magical ability to instantly evoke moods and memories, because the emotional centre of our brain, the limbic system, is strongly linked to scent.

What is so fascinating about this connection between memory and scent is that we can teach ourselves how to feel based on a certain fragrance. Try it with our oil blends below – each time you diffuse or light one of these summer-inspired scents, tell yourself, “I am feeling relaxed.” This will teach your mind, body and spirit to evoke blissful summery vibes each time you smell that fragrance. Amazing!

Featuring a combination of floral, cooling, herbaceous and citrusy aromas, here’s 5 of our favourite essential oil blends that capture the relaxing, feel-good essence of summer.

Citrus Blast

A fresh and zesty scent, this invigorating blend will fill your spirit with sunshine.

- 3 drops Bergamot

- 3 drops Grapefruit

- 2 drops Lime


Exotic Night

Create the aura of a magical world with this rich and enchanting blend.

- 2 drops Ylang Ylang

- 2 drops Orange

- 1 drop Patchouli

- 1 drop Sandalwood



Create a relaxing atmosphere and float away with this gentle, calming fragrance.

- 3 drops Lavender

- 2 drops Patchouli


Sunburn Soother Mist

Too much time in the sun? Add this blend to a spray bottle with half a cup of water and spritz regularly to cool and soothe the skin.  Keep cool in the fridge.

- 5 drops Lavender

- 5 drops Peppermint


Sweet Sunshine

An effervescent blend with a sweet citrus aroma sure to keep spirits high and bright.

- 5 drops Lemongrass

- 3 drops Orange

- 1 drop Peppermint

Blends above are a guide and can be adjusted depending on how subtle or strong you prefer the fragrance. If you’re using an oil burner, fill the bowl half to three-quarters to the top with water before adding your oils. If you wish to gain the therapeutic benefits of essentials oils in addition to fragrance, we recommend using a diffuser.

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