A World of Wonders at ISHKA Clayton

A World of Wonders at ISHKA Clayton

ISHKA Clayton has been transformed into a world of wonders! If you haven’t yet visited our largest ISHKA store in Australia, prepare to be taken on an adventure with majestic sights at every turn.

We’re so excited to finally showcase our long-awaited statement pieces that have made the journey all the way from India and Indonesia. Cast your eyes over our gallery below to discover these magnificent new additions to our landmark warehouse store, and see for yourself just how we are bringing the world to ISHKA Clayton.

Handpainted in vibrant teal, this 150 year-old Baradari structure hails from the Punjab province of India. Traditionally found in the courtyards of royal and wealthy families, this awe-inspiring Baradari temple features Haveli-inspired arches, lattice frames and decorative iron artwork. Our imaginations have been running wild with styling ideas for this beautiful space – keep an eye out for ever-changing style inspiration showcasing our gorgeous ISHKA wares!

Also originating from a section of a Baradari temple is this stunning new addition to our front counter at ISHKA Clayton. Have you ever seen a store counter that looks more beautiful than this?

Another interesting statement piece that has sailed into our Clayton store is this colourful old fishing boat from Bali. Having once sailed the seas around Indonesia, this rustic wooden fishing boat was salvaged from the shoreline and now sits proudly in our store in all of its sea-faring wonder. Fun fact: ISHKA’s signature Boatwood furniture range is crafted from discarded Balinese fishing boats just like this!

Look out over head! Our animated animal kites hail from Indonesia and certainly bring a mystical, cultural spirit to the shop. Traditionally flown at cultural events and festivals, our mesmerising kite display features two dragons, a peacock, butterfly and multi-colour sailing ship.

Legend has it the dragons are frozen in time as they chase the peacock and butterfly on their journey to the magical rainbow ship…

And finally, Shanti our resident elephant! Shanti comes to us all the way from Rajasthan and is beautifully handpainted to show off his ceremonial dress. In India, elephants represent power, wisdom, strength and protection and are usually kept outside palaces and temples. Have a look at Shanti’s trunk – it’s turned up for good luck and prosperity!

Stepping into our ISHKA Clayton store is an experience like no other – visit us and see for yourself! See you all soon 💜 💚

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