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Treasures with a Tale: Rag Rugs

Treasures with a Tale: Rag Rugs

 The Journey

Welcome history and character into your home with our beloved Rag Rugs!

Hand-woven in India from a diverse selection of discarded fabric sourced from around the world, our repurposed Rag Rugs are uniquely crafted with the perfect combination of colour and culture. 

'from Rags'

Pre-loved clothing & abandoned off-cuts from around the globe journey to India for their chance to become reborn and repurposed!

These recycled fabrics are organised according to textile and purposefully hand-dyed in either neutral based tones or the distinctively vibrant colours they’re loved for at Ishka!

The revived fabric is then stripped into pieces and selectively handpicked; awaiting to be woven into their destined form!
The technique of weaving these rags into rugs is steeped in historical tradition and ancient Indian artistry, relying only on heart and a Handloom; a timeless instrument woven into India’s history.

'Hand looming' is a manual craft that facilitates the art of weaving. It involves interlacing multiple fabrics whilst simultaneously manipulating foot pedals, an intricate technique requiring skilled coordination, focus and care.


'to Rugs'

The sustainability of Rag Rugs remains a popular appeal for many at Ishka.

Not only are the materials recycled and repurposed reducing the contribution to mass landfill, but the manual craft of the Handloom means no electricity is needed, consciously conserving energy.



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