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The Making of Teak Root Furniture

The Making of Teak Root Furniture

Whether you can see the ocean, trees, sun or sky – across every landscape you encounter, there lies mother nature, showcasing her terrific beauty in one form or another.

Because we admire the environment, we seek to surround ourselves with its beauty by bringing elements of nature within the home.  And there’s no better way to do this than with teak root furniture.

Teak is an introduced species and has been grown in Indonesia for more than 400 years in plantation forests. These plantation forests are found mainly in Java and Madura, where they originated in the 17th century by the Dutch during their occupation of Indonesia.  

A tropical hardwood tree of the species Tectona grandis – a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae), teak is usually a large, deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood forests. Teak has small, fragrant white flowers, papery leaves and its wood contains an essential oil that resists water and prevents the rusting of iron.

Teak roots dug up from the ground must pass a critical drying phase that can last up to a whole year; this ensures the wood is of high quality and will not crack if exposed to heat or rain.

The making of teak root furniture

ISHKA teak root furniture is handcrafted in Java by Indonesian craftspeople. Eye-catching and eco-friendly, teak root furniture gains its whimsical look from the wild and gnarly characteristics of its roots.  Carved and shaped out of whole teak root pieces, the organic form of teak is preserved and showcased to create unique, striking pieces of furniture.

The roots of teak trees are not only used to create stunning pieces of furniture. Artistic crafts and beautiful homewares also come sculpted from organic teak wood.

Teak root wood is a hardy, weathered and industrious natural material; this natural durability makes teak ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When polished, teak turns to a buttery golden colour. If placed outdoors and exposed to the elements, over time the teak wood surface turns to a lovely silver-grey shade.

For those looking for an earth-inspired interior style, teak root furniture is a wonderful addition to the home that captures nature in all her spectacular beauty.

Teak Root Bar Setting

Interested in owning your own unique piece of teak root furniture? Our collection showcases a range of wonderful designs including bar tables, bar stools, benches, chairs and coffee tables. Visit our shop and explore our teak furniture collection.

Already the proud owner of teak root furniture? We’d love to see how your teak root piece has transformed your space! Upload a photo to instagram and tag us @ishkahandcrafts #ishkablog!


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