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4 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

4 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is a magical time of year isn't it? The joy of gift-giving aside, it's a season that really awakens our inner-child and sense of wonder, capturing imaginations and inspiring creativity in all its forms.

If you'd love to take a creative approach to making some Christmas magic of your own, check out our ideas below to deck your halls a little differently this festive season!


1. Pompom Peace Wreath

This year, welcome guests with multicolour merriment and peace-loving vibes with a bright alternative to a traditional wreath!


ISHKA products you'll need: 

3 boxes of ISHKA pompom garlands and pompom hanging decorations. 

How we made it: 

  1. Tie the ends of the pompom garlands together to make one long piece.
  2. Attach garland to a round wire frame, keeping it pulled tight and securing with string at even points as you wrap it around.
  3. When the outer frame is thick enough, pull the garland down through the centre, attaching at various points to arrange into a peace sign.
  4. Attach hanging pompom decorations for extra fun and festive frou frou!


2. Ornament Mobile & Table Centrepiece

Invite wonder and whimsy into your home with a nature-inspired take on your bauble and ornament arrangements.

5 Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas - Ornaments and baubles


ISHKA products you'll need: 

Your choice of ornamental baubles, 1 pack of straw decorations, recycled glass vase with teak root base, lotus flower tealight holder, elephant candles. 

How we made it: 

Table centrepiece

  1. Place the glass vase at the centre of the table. Fill with baubles (and fairy lights for extra wow factor!)
  2. Wrap a leafy Christmas garland around the teak base, adding the straw decorations throughout.
  3. Add a spiritual and cultural touch with the lotus candle holders and elephant candles.

Bauble mobile

  1. Find a strong, thick branch and loop your decorations through the centre. Alternating the bauble shapes has the best effect.
  2. Secure twine around both ends of the branch and hang above your own table centrepiece, or wherever you like in your home!


3. Multicolour Festive Tablescape

Combine your love of colour and nature to create a magical tablescape guaranteed to set hearts aflutter!


ISHKA products you'll need:

Hanging baubles, butterfly hair clips (yes, you read correct!), paper butterfly wreath, melamine plates, beaded lanterns, lotus candle holders, embroidered gaddis, variety of colourful candles.

Styling tips: 

  • Capture a nature-immersed vibe by collecting tree branches, vines and greenery to adorn the table and hang from above.
  • Create a spectacular centrepiece using a beaded lantern framed by the paper butterfly wreath.
  • Scatter the butterfly clips throughout the hanging branches and table centrepiece for a touch of fun and fantasy. 
  • Mix and match the melamine plates and gaddis for a multicolour look that pops!


4. ISHKA Gift Wrap Hacks

Why not put the paper aside this year and wrap your pressies using a scarf or decorative storage box? Not only will it surprise and delight your loved ones, they'll score a second present too!


ISHKA products you'll need: 

Your favourite ISHKA scarves, keyrings, handpainted storage boxes.

Styling tips: 

  • Wrap your gift with a scarf by placing it at the centre of the fabric. Raise two opposite ends and tie together, keeping the fabric taught against the top of the gift. Then tie the two remaining corners together and tuck in the ends, so the scarf wrap is nice and snug.
  • Add a little extra love to the scarf wrap with a colourful, festive or spiritual keyring.
  • Handpainted storage boxes are decorative by nature, but you can add a few final touches with either straw, pompom keyrings or paper gift tags.


We hope these ideas have inspired you to have fun with your festive styling this year! Shop the ISHKA collection for everything you need to bring these creative Christmas ideas to life.

Have some unique decoration ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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