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3 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

3 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to get into the festive spirit and get those decorations up!

Now, traditional Christmas trees and decorations are lovely and all, but they're not for everyone. And if you're anything like us at ISHKA HQ, you'll be looking for some creative inspiration to bring a fun, colourful and alternative twist to your holiday home styling.

After all, who ever said you need an actual tree to put up a Christmas tree...?


Coat Hook Christmas Tree

This alternative Christmas tree idea will have all you creative holiday stylists hooked. It's actually quite a simple idea, but with a very striking effect!

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Coat Hook

ISHKA Coat Hook Christmas Tree

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Coat Hook

Step 1: Choose a few coat hook wall racks of varying lengths (and contrasting styles for maximum wow factor). 

Step 2: Hang them from the shortest to the longest length to resemble the triangle shape of a Christmas tree. Then decorate with your choice of vibrant ISHKA baubles and ornaments.

Step 3: Keep the colour vibe strong with embroidered cushions, salt lamps and a cushy floor rug to sit on and admire your amazing work. 


Tee Pee Christmas Tree

Looking for an alternative tree that combines your love of nature and colour? Branch out and try a tee-pee tree!

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Tee Pee

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Tee Pee

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Tee Pee

Step 1: Gather the sturdiest sticks you can find from your back yard or nearby bush.  Create an A-frame with the two longest sticks you have, and tie the branches together using thick twine or colourful yarn. Fill out the frame by attaching the remaining sticks.

Step 2: Just like a traditional tree, fairy lights go on first! Once you've wrapped around the lights, tie the ornaments to each stick of the tree so they hang and fill the space between the branches. 

Step 3: Set the ultimate festive scene with cushions, wallhangings, candles and more. And don't forget to wrap your gifts using our very own handmade patterned paper!


Coat Rack Christmas Tree

Fact: If it can hang a coat, it can hang a bauble! This coat rack Christmas tree creates a unique festive look with bursts of colour and personality.

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Coat Rack

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Coat Rack

Alternative ISHKA Christmas Tree - Coat Rack

Step 1: Simply throw off the coats, wrap 'round some fairy lights and hang your favourite ornaments off the branches.  Here we've chosen purples, pinks and blues, but of course you can go with whatever colour scheme you like.

Step 2: Create an alternative Christmas corner to wow your guests with everything from paper lanterns to side tables, colourful cushions to uplifting wall art.   

Step 3: Switch on the lights, step back and marvel at the one-of-a-kind Christmas magic you've made...


Now, over to you! If we've inspired some creative Christmas ideas for your home, get set to kit out the ultimate festive space with the ISHKA range of Christmas decorations.

We'd love to see all your unique & ISHKA-inspired Christmas trees, so make sure you tag @ishkahandcrafts for your chance to be featured on our socials! x

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