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Boatwood Furniture: A Story from the Sea

Boatwood Furniture: A Story from the Sea

ISHKA is often likened to an Aladdin’s Cave of sorts; a treasure trove of wares inspired by colour, culture and the unconventional. This spirit of creativity and world craftsmanship is proudly celebrated in our furniture collection, predominantly through the use of reclaimed, recycled and sustainable timbers.

At the centre of our world furniture showcase lies a signature collection with a fascinating backstory – the ISHKA Boatwood furniture range.

Boatwood furniture is handcrafted from reclaimed timbers originally belonging to Indonesian fishing boats. These traditional wooden fishing boats once sailed the seas around Bali and Java, and are often found washed up along the beach. The remaining wood is then salvaged to construct unique pieces of furniture.

But why are so many fishing boats in Indonesia left abandoned? When a boat becomes damaged with holes or rot in the structure, Indonesian fisherman are more inclined to build a new fishing boat from scratch as opposed to repairing the existing boat. As such, many old boats are left to litter the East Timorese coastline.

ISHKA works with suppliers who gather up all the discarded boats and give them a new life by transforming them into interesting and functional items of furniture. The craftsmen aim to retain as much of the original hull as possible, blemishes and all, bringing the spirit of an ocean voyage past to life with each design.

Preserving the original paintwork is another special feature of this range. Indonesian fishing boats are traditionally maintained with regular painting, often decorated with bold and bright primary colours.

Over time, the interaction of paint and ocean produces a distressed effect across the paintwork. This layered, aged aesthetic is preserved to add further charm and authentic character to each Boatwood piece. Many designs feature an eye-catching mosaic arrangement of these painted boat fragments.

Boatwood furniture is one of our favourite collections here at ISHKA for the curiosity it inspires in all of us. From coffee tables to TV cabinets, dining chairs to bars, each Boatwood piece truly is a one-of-a-kind work of art that hints at a fascinating past on the open sea.

Experience the Boatwood collection online or in-store today.

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