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ISHKA was inspired by the vision of Michael Sklovsky, a local craftsman with a passionate belief that the sustainable and ethical international trade of handcrafted products would greatly empower and assist third world communities.

With perseverance and dedication, Michael’s humble dream has since evolved into a wide-ranging and wonderfully exotic collection of traditional handicrafts sourced from third-world communities and villages around the world. By working with artisans in developing countries over the years, ISHKA has contributed to the progress and empowerment of international communities in need.

A passion for international trade and deep respect for village communities is central to the ISHKA ethos and informs the spirited range of environmentally friendly and ethically-sourced furniture, clothing and homewares which can be found in our many stores throughout Australia.

ISHKA also offers a service to business customers with wholesale, trade discounts and hire rates.

Did you know that ‘ISHKA’ has many special meanings across different cultures?
Hindi: Intense love and physical infatuation
Japanese: Stone
Timorese: Small food or bait
Swahili: Something to cling onto
Gaelic: Water and Whiskey

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